Basic Training

The Northeast Alabama Law Enforcement Academy offers three basic training courses per year. These courses are designed to provide the entry level law enforcement officer with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to begin their careers in law enforcement.

The cost of the academy is $1,400.00 for 13 weeks of training.

This cost includes all manuals and materials to complete the training. This price also includes lodging, meals and uniforms for the recruit. Ammo is not included in this price. Ammo can be purchased from the academy at an additional cost. Please check with the academy for ammo pricing. Departments can provide their own ammo.

In teaching the Basic Course, the LEA follows the 520 Hour Basic Training Curriculum prescribed by the Alabama Peace Officers' Standards and Training Commission. This is the same 520 hour curriculum offered at all other academies in the state (although departmental academies usually provide more than 520 hours of training).

Recruit Information For Attending Basic Academy

Statement of Intent - PDF Format (fillable form)

The 2016 schedule for Basic Training Courses at the Academy is as follows:

169th Basic Session
Starts Sept 12, 2016 and graduates Dec 8, 2016.

170th Basic Session
Starts January 9, 2017 and graduates April 6, 2017.

171th Basic Session
Starts April 24, 2017 and graduates July 20, 2017.

172th Basic Session
Starts August 21, 2017 and graduates November 16, 2017.

Law Enforcement Refresher / Lateral Entry Course
June 12, 2017 - June 23, 2017

You must be employed by a law enforcement agency to attend a basic course at any academy in the state. In Alabama, APOSTC Rules & Regulations do not allow a non-sworn individual to attend an academy. If you are interested in attending an academy, you must first gain employment as a law enforcement officer with a law enforcement agency in the state. The agency will then complete the required paper work to get you scheduled for a basic course. Applications should arrive at APOSTC three weeks prior to session start date. This will give APOSTC and the assigned academy time for processing your application.

Entry Level Requirements

Once you are admitted to a basic course, there are certain job-related, entry level physical requirements you will have to meet in order to attend the academy. During the first week of attendance in the academy, you will be required to meet the following standards:

  • Complete the APOSTC specified physical agility course within 90 seconds.
  • Do 22 push-ups in one minute (to APOSTC specifications).
  • Do 25 sit-ups in one minute (to APOSTC specifications).
  • Run 1.5 miles within 15 minutes and 28 seconds.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from the LEA's Basic Course, you must meet the APOSTC mandated basic course requirements as specified in APOSTC Rule 650–X–4–.01. These requirements include:

  • An overall score of not less than 70% on written exams.
  • Pass the first aid exam with a score of not less than 70%.
  • Pass the legal issues exam with a score of not less than 70%.
  • Pass the physical agility/ability test.
  • A score of at least 70% on the firearms course.
  • Students shall not be absent more than 5% of the required training hours.
  • The trainee. . .shall comply with all rules and regulations promulgated by the approved academy.

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