Tentative Advance Course Schedule

Select a course for more information on the course and for registration information. See our directions and accommodations pages for information on how to to get to the LEA and where to stay. If you need additional information contact us here at the Academy.

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Apr 9-13REQ PRE-PAY - Basic SWAT Course
Apr 17, 2018REQ PRE-PAY - Glock Armorer
May 14-15OC Instructor Course
May 22, 2018REQ PRE-PAY - Sig Sauer P320 Pistol Armorer
May 23-24, 2018REQ PRE-PAY - Sig Sauer Classic Line Pistols Armorer
June 4-7, 2018REQ PRE-PAY - Protective Detail Training Program
July 30-Aug 9, 2018Jail Management Course (Shelby County Sheriff's Office Training Center)
Sept 4-13, 2018Jail Management Course (Cullman)
Sept 10-14, 2018REQ PRE-PAY - SSGT Vanguard Level I
Sept 17-21, 2018REQ PRE-PAY - SSGT Vanguard Level II
Sept 24-27, 2018Field Training Officer (FTO) Instructor Course
Oct 8-12REQ PRE-PAY - Basic SWAT Course
Nov 12-16REQ PRE-PAY - Advanced SWAT Course
Nov 26-27, 2018Officer Update